Mid-Atlantic MADness

Mid-Atlantic MADness

Last weekend the boys and I spent the weekend in Gamber, MD at the Mid-Atlantic MADness USDAA agility trial.  I am a member of the Mid-Atlantic MADness agility club.  The weather could not have been any better.  Absolutely perfect weather for being outside playing with your dogs.  Mid-Atlantic MADness trials are notoriously known for terrible weather so this was such a nice change of pace.

On Saturday we were entered in Jumpers, Gamblers, Standard and Pairs.  Zip had a great Jumpers run and won the class, wohoo!! Dasher had an equally good run but unfortunately had a rail down.  Gamblers went well for both boys, they both Q’d and won the class.  Standard was tough but again both boys did a stellar job, Dasher had a rail down in a tricky serpentine and Zip popped out of the weaves as I was peeling off to get into position for the serpentine.  In Pairs both boys Q’d again, this earned Zip his Master Relay title, YAY Zippy!!

Sunday we started with Standard.  Again, another tricky course with challenging distances between obstacles.  Dasher had an amazing run but after the weaves he had a rail down due to me calling his name over the jump.  This caused him to turn in the air to look at me and down came the rail.  I could have kicked myself!! Zip and I had a couple of mis-communications during the course which caused 2 refusals to be called, he was being such a good boy and listening very well, too well in fact since I messed him up!!   Snooker was next and since both boys need a super Q, we had to go for as many points as possible, three 7’s.  Zip ran first and did great, we got through #6 in the close but I hesitated at #7 and Zip dropped the rail.  Oh well, still a Q but not the super Q we were hopping for.  Dasher started great keeping all the bars up, but I mis-directed him and he took an off course obstacle.  Jumpers was the last class of the day and although both boys put in a good effort we had some bobbles which cost us the Q.

Zorro was not entered this weekend but he had fun hangin’ with his older brothers and playing at the showgrounds.

All in all a great weekend, next weekend we are off to the Richmond VA area for the Central VA Agility Club’s (CVAC) USDAA trial.  Wish us luck!!

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