BHAD Agility

BHAD Agility

Last weekend the boys and I went to our 2nd AKC trial for the month.  We had a blast!! It was Blue Heron Agility Dogs (BHAD) first sanctioned trial in Fredricka, DE.  It was a small one judge trial so I decided this was a good place for Zorro to make his AKC debut.  All the dogs were awesome all weekend, I could not have been prouder!!  On Saturday Dasher had a great standard run which earned him a 1st place and his Exc A Standard title.  He also got a 1st and Q in JWW so that earned him a few more MACH points!! WoHoo!!  Zip had a great Open Standard run which was good enough for 1st place, a Q and his Open Standard title!! Yay!!  Zip had a great Open JWW run but I pulled him off the weaves 2x so we did not Q, but other than that he did great.  Little Zorro was outstanding.  He Q’d in both Standard and JWW on Saturday!!

Sunday was a bit of a mixed bag, all the dogs did great we just had small bobbles which cost us some Q’s.  In Standard, Dasher slid off the table and got caught up in the chute. Luckily he was smart enough to back out of the chute so he wasn’t stuck for too long.  Dasher’s JWW run was good but I put my last front in a bit late which caused an off-course.  Zip moved into Exc A Standard and was having a nice run but I was a bit late in getting out my table cue and he was in the 1st pole of the weaves in a split second.  🙁  Zip had an amazing run in JWW, he earned a 1st and Q and his Open JWW title!! YAY!!  Zorro had a baby dog moment in Standard, he hopped off the teeter and the A-Frame, so no Q in Standard.  In JWW Zorro ran great, and got a 1st and Q.  What really made me proud with Zorro was that he nailed all his weave pole entries and finished his weaves all weekend!! Yay!! That 2×2 method has really paid off!!

Here are a few runs from the weekend. They are all Sunday’s runs as I forgot to ask people to tape us on Saturday.

Dasher’s Sunday JWW run (not a Q, but a nice effort!)

Zip’s Open JWW (title!!)

Zorro’s Novice JWW

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