Mid-Atlantic Showcase and CCOA

Mid-Atlantic Showcase and CCOA


Zip and I have been in a whirlwind since returning from Spain. In the last two weeks we competed at the Mid-Atlantic Agility Showcase in Palmyra, PA and last weekend we flew to Dallas, TX to compete at the Continental Championships of the Americas. Talk about no rest for the weary!! Both events were fantastic and we had a great time.

The Mid-Atlantic Showcase consisted of a three dog team event, the Mid-Atlantic Triathlon and individual titling classes. Zip was teamed with our usual team, Jeannette Hutchison and Mary Ellen Barry. Unfortunately due to injury Jeannette had to shuffle some dogs around and our usual doggie teammate, Rumble, was switched with Jeannette’s younger dog, Bert. We started the weekend with team Gamblers, where Zip managed to miss both his DW contacts…bummer!! The good news was that we opted for the harder gamble option and he got it, yay! After gamblers was team Standard where once again the DW contact was missed. I thought about trying to manage the DW a bit more but then decided to keep running it like we do in practice and see if he figures it out. The good news is that he did figure it out and didn’t miss anymore DW the rest of the weekend. I still consider myself very new to the whole running DW thing so I know my training needs tweaking. This will be a summer project for sure! Later that day we were entered in one titling class, pairs. Zip just needs a few more pairs legs to finish up his ADCh Gold. Lucky for us we were paired with Maureen Waldron and Mickle, a super solid team. Both of us ran great and ended up winning the class!! Team snooker on Saturday proved to be one of those courses that greatly benefited the small dogs. Small dogs were allowed more time and therefore able to accumulate many more points than the larger dogs. I picked a plan that was fairly challenging but I felt confident I could get through it with my little tight turning sports car. Our group was one of the last to go and I had yet to see anyone run anything even remotely similar to what I was going to do. I felt my confidence start to waiver a bit but stuck to my guns because I knew I could do what I had planned to do. Well off we went and little Zippy did not let me down!! We nailed it and won the class and ended up with more points than any dog at any height!! Here is our snooker run:

The rest of the weekend went great, Zip ended up High Scoring Dog across all heights and our team ended up in third place. We always have such a great time at the Showcase, this was certainly no exception.

It seemed like as soon as we got home and unpacked from the Showcase we were packing up and on a plane headed for Dallas, TX for the Continental Championships of the Americas. This was an important event for us because it was one of two events in which we would be earning points toward a spot on the 2014 IFCS World Team competition in the Netherlands. I came into the event knowing the courses would be challenging, but I have to say, these courses were probably some of the hardest and most challenging I have ever run. I am always eager to run challenging courses and man, did these courses ever get my adrenaline pumping! Zippy ran great, we had one off course in Individual Standard at a DW/tunnel discrimination. Pretty much the same set up we had in Cynosports in Denver in the Grand Prix semi-finals. I botched it up the same exact way too. Overall we ended up in pretty good shape with regards to points. We were 3rd overall in IFCS points and earned 4 Silver medals. Here are some runs from the weekend (gotta love the commentary from my agility buddies, they crack me up!!):

We also have another bit of amazing news to share with everyone, Zip and I will be joining Team USA in Oviedo, Spain for the World Agility Championships on May 17-19! Yup, Zip and I are headed back to Spain for another international adventure!! We are super excited to be joining the team. I am so grateful for this opportunity and also for having such supportive people in my life who allow me to follow my dreams.


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