LAA Silver Zip!!

LAA Silver Zip!!

I wanted to have a dedicated entry to Zip earning his Silver Lifetime Achievement award at the Touch and Go Agility trial on Aug 18. For any of my “non-agility” friends who may be reading my blog this award is a pretty big deal. In order to earn this title a dog needs to have 250 qualifying runs at the Master’s level in USDAA. Yes, you read correctly, I said 250. Not only is this a lot of runs, this is a lot of clean runs! There are also a few other requirements to earning this award but this is the short and sweet definition. I am so proud of my little Zippy dog, what an amazing gift I was given. Who would have thought those years ago a little shelter dog and I would have such amazing adventures together. Zippy-doodle, you are one in a million!!

Coming into the TAG trial Zip and I needed one pair’s Q to finish up our LAA Silver. Who better a pairs partner than my partner in crime and trainer extraordinaire, Jeannette! She and her BC Eve helped us with our last needed Q in a flawless run.

All three boys had a really good weekend at TAG. Courses were fun and challenging and the boys were on fire. I experimented with an energy drink for Zorro to see if this would help his energy level. The good news is that he really likes the taste, I am still not sure if it helped keep his energy level up but I will continue to use it to see how he does with it.

We have a bit of a break before our next trial then we are off to the mile high city for USDAA Nationals. Can’t believe that time is already upon us. Looking forward to a break in the heat, fall can’t come soon enough!!

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