MADness and Hog Dog weekends

MADness and Hog Dog weekends

Well the boys and I have been busy trialing the last two weekends. Both shows have been fairly local, the MADness trial was in Gamber, MD and Hog Dog is in Millersville, MD. Both trials took place outside and unfortunately springtime in the mid-Atlantic can been extremely unpredictable. The first day at MADness we had torrential rain and wind. We managed to get in two classes before the trial was was cancelled for the rest of the day. I ran the boys in Gamblers which was the first run of the day and scratched Standard as the wind and rain was picking up and I didn’t want the dogs to get blown off the dogwalk. All three dogs completed the gamble successfully and we had first places all around. Here is Zorro’s gamblers class, listen to that wind howl:

Here is Dasher’s gamble, we did manage to get the gamble but he had to give me plenty of lip in true Dasher style!

Sunday was a bit better although the wind was really whipping and I scratched everyone from Standard again as the wind was blowing some of the big dogs off the dogwalk. Didn’t want to chance getting anyone hurt. As the day progressed the ground dried up a bit and the wind died down. I ran Zip and Dasher in Steeplechase and they both had great runs and won round one. Zip blew his A-Frame contact in round two so he finished in second place. Dasher was the only P12″ dog but he had a nice run and came in 1st. Here is Zip’s round 1 Steeplechase run:

We also were able to run pairs on Sunday, all the boys Q’d. Zorro got his last needed pairs leg toward P-ADCh with Lynn and Beau!! Woohoo!! Just one Gamble and one Standard left to go!! Even with the harsh weather conditions we had a great time at MADness

This past weekend we had more crazy weather at the Hog Dog trial. Saturday morning was frigid cold and rainy and by Sunday afternoon it was blazing hot and 80 degrees!! The boys put in some stellar runs. We started with Gamblers on Saturday and all 3 boys Q’d. Dasher and Zip earned 1st places, Zorro missed an A-Frame contact in the opening so he ended up 4th. Zor and I are one standard Q away from his P-ADCh!! Unfortunately it was not to happen this weekend as we had bobbles in Standard on both days. Zip was entered in Grand Prix as we really wanted to try for a bye for regionals. Zip had a nice nice GP run and we got the bye although his A-Frame was a bit too high for my liking, really need to tighten this up before the WAO competition. Dasher and I had a heartbreaking Grand Prix run on Sunday. He was having an amazing run and two jumps from the end I decided to call out his name because I didn’t trust him and I caused him to take an off course jump!! This was a hard lesson to learn. I forgot the lesson I thought I learned a while ago…trust my dog and run in the right direction. Here is Dasher’s awesome GP run, even though his handler had spastic moment at the end.

Hog Dog was offering two days of Snooker and Zip and Zorro put in great runs on both days. Zip earned Super Q’s both days and Zorro earned a Super Q on Saturday and was 2nd only in time on Sunday. On Saturday the #7 obstacle was the teeter, not Zorro’s strongest obstacles. I opted to perform 3 teeters and a #6 and he did great! He had some good speed between the obstacles and we finished under time. His first teeter was a bit slow but he did get better by teeter #3. What a long way we have come!! So proud of the little man!! Here is Zorro’s Snooker on Saturday:

Sunday’s Snooker was Easter related and the obstacles were shaped like a bunny face. Zippy put in a stellar run although he started a bit tentative which is not typical for Zip. He usually shoots off the start line. I think I was not clear on how I wanted him to approach the first jump. Good thing I have the video to look over as I want to make sure I don’t make this mistake again.
Here is Zip’s Snooker run:

All in all we had pretty successful back to back weekends. We endured the crazy temperament of springtime in the Mid-Atlantic and managed to get in some good practice our upcoming trip to the UK. We also had a great time hanging out for our agility friends. I will be busy packing and making sure all Zip’s paperwork is in order over the next two weeks as well as fitting in some good training sessions and hopefully some swimming and walking for Zip. We are also going to participate in a seminar from a top European trainer this coming week and last but not least we have entered in one day of a trial in VA to get one last training day in before we leave….whew…I am exhausted just writing about it!!

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