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Month: January 2017

OMD Winter Camp

OMD Winter Camp

A couple of weeks ago Roxy and I made our annual pilgrimage to On Course Agility’s One Mind Dogs Winter Camp.  This was our second year attending camp.  Last year was such a blast so this year we couldn’t wait to get there!  This year we had the pleasure of 3 days of instruction with Karen Holik and Mary Ellen Barry.  Roxy and I also were luck enough to stay with our good friend,  Judy Schor during camp.  Judy’s home is amazing and Roxy and I were truly spoiled!

Camp did not disappoint this year.  Both Karen and Mary Ellen were amazing and gave us lots of challenges and offered lots of insights into our training goals.  One of our main goals for camp this year was to keep Roxy motivated and focused in a new environment.  Getting Roxy to stay motivated in warmer temps is also a bit of a challenge.  We did have some moments where Roxy seemed to “fizzle out” a bit but I saw progress as she did rally back for some sequences.  With every exercise I see this little dog trying to figure stuff out and she gives me her all.  Love her heart and how she is always happy and ready for anything.

I am a firm believer that each of our dogs come into our lives to teach us something.  Roxy and my journey has been unique to me and has been exciting and challenging at the same time.  Every bit of progress keeps me energized.  I love love love working with my little poodly girl.  I mean really, who wouldn’t love this face!

Here is a montage of our time at camp: