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Month: September 2016

Western Regional 2016, YeeHaw!!

Western Regional 2016, YeeHaw!!

Masters Challenge Biathlon Champion!!

This past weekend the crew and I headed down to Prunedale, CA for the 2016 USDAA Western Regional.  What a blast we had!!! Roxy was entered in all three days of competition, including Dog Agility Masters Team, Steeplechase and Grand Prix.  Competing at a regional event gives competitors a chance to earn a bye into the semi-final rounds in Steeplechase and Grand Prix at Cynosport, USDAA Nationals.  Roxy and I had earned a bye into Steeplechase semi-finals at the Southwestern Regional earlier this year so we were hoping to earn our last needed bye into Grand Prix semi-finals.  Unfortunately a handler error caused us to take the backside of a jump so no Grand Prix bye for us at Cynosport, we will have to start in the Quarterfinals.

photo by Mia Grant

I could not have been prouder of how well Roxy did all weekend.  She stayed fast and focused for most all of her runs.  I feel that with every run she is getting more confident.  So very proud of my little white squirrel.  I know we have a way to go but man does this dog have heart!! So blessed to be on this journey with her, what a great ride it has been so far!!

Team classes went great, winning team Standard and Snooker, 2nd place in Gamblers.  Jumpers we were a bit distracted off the line and the lack of focus caused me to mishandle and send her off course.  Even with that bobble, Roxy ended up 2nd place overall 12″ dog.  On Sunday we had Masters Challenge Biathlon, which consists of one round of Standard and one round of Jumpers.  Roxy rocked both rounds, literally blew me away! She ended up 2nd in Jumpers and 1st in Standard for an overall 1st place finish!! WooHoo!! Poodlydoo made it to the big box!! Here are Roxy’s two rounds in Biathlon:

On Saturday we ran in Steeplechase round 1.  We placed high enough to earn a bye into round 2 on Monday.  The round 2 course for Steeplechase was super fun and Roxy had a great run, good enough for 4th place, in the money and earning a bye for Cynosport.  Luckily we already earned a bye at the earlier regional but this was a nice cherry on top. Here is Roxy’s Steeplechase round 2 run:

I am also posting our Team Snooker run, just because I love Snooker so much 🙂

All in all we had a great weekend.  So fun catching up with friends near and far and running my favorite poodle.  The terrier boys didn’t run run but they had a blast hiking and hanging out in the RV.