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Month: April 2016

Spring in full swing!

Spring in full swing!


Not that there is any particularly bad time to live in Half Moon Bay, but this particular spring has been spectacular so far. We have had significant rain over the winter which has greatly improved our drought situation in California. With the rain, we now have beautiful green fields and hills to look at as we train and trial. Yes, I consider myself lucky every day for living here. 🙂

We have started trialing a bit here and there partly in hopes of chipping away at our qualifiers that we still need for Cynosport in the fall. Luckily at our last trial a couple of weeks ago Roxy and I finished up all our needed qualifiers and we are ready to go for Cynosport! Although the qualifiers are “nice to haves” my main focus while trialing these days has been improving Roxy’s confidence in the ring. She has tons of attitude and confidence at home, now we just need to work on transferring that to the show ring. I feel that we had a breakthrough at our last trial. Roxy seemed much more relaxed and playful at the start line which then transferred into her runs. I think our hard work is paying off. It is so great to see Roxy gain confidence and start having fun out there. After all, if 50% of your team is not enjoying the game then there is not much fun in that for the other 50%. I am very encouraged by our progress so far. Plus she is such a blast to run!! Love my little poodly-doo!!

For the most part, I personally enjoy training more than I enjoy trialing. A couple of weeks ago I had a lesson with friend and coach, Rachel Sanders and this past weekend we had the opportunity to get in some great training with my good friend Anna Eifert from Hungary. Both Rachel and Anna always have great feedback and I always look forward to working with them. Anna and her husband, Tomas stayed with me while giving 3 days of seminars at Jump’n Java in Half Moon Bay. We had a great time catching up, eating great food and talking agility. I can’t wait for them to come back! Tomas took some great photos and videos of Roxy during our coursework day. Love having these memories to look back on. Here is some snippets of Anna’s seminar.

In two weeks we will head to the Southwestern Regional for more agility fun!!