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Month: June 2014

Poodle training!

Poodle training!

roxy tug


Had a nice training session with Roxy today at Jumpin’ Java training center.  For once I remembered my camera and took some video.  Too lazy to edit so you get to see the unedited version.  🙂  This is our first time sequencing more than 2 jumps and I also introduced her to the spread jump.  Doing most of our training at 8″ to build confidence and speed but we did try a couple of sequences at 12″.  I just LOVE this dog!! She is so incredibly brilliant!! 🙂  We are having a blast!!  What is not in the video, we did a little chute work as well as breaking down the 3 jump serp that we weren’t quite getting right in the video.  Rox had seen the chute for the first time last week and did great.  Last week I was running with her while someone held the chute open for us.  This week I was by myself so I had to put her in a sit/stay and call her through.  She ran around it a couple of times but then got the hang of it.  Her toy drive is looking great too!  It improves with each session.  She is just too darn cute!! Enjoy!!

Jump sequencing at 8″

Jumps at 12″