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Month: September 2012

Long Hot Summer

Long Hot Summer

I think the summer of 2012 has been one of the hottest in memory.  It has been incredibly difficult to stay motivated and keep training.  I do not do well in the heat and the humidity has been unbearable.  I have tried to do short training sessions and it has been struggle to get those in.  Despite the heat, the boys and I managed to have a lots of fun this summer.

In mid July the boys and I drove up to New Hampshire for the New England regional.  We were hoping for some cooler temps up north but unfortunately we did not get that lucky.  The site was outside on grass and temps reached the lower 90’s.  The main reason for attending the regional was to hopefully get a semi-final bye for Dasher in Performance Grand Prix for USDAA Nationals.  The boys ran great all weekend and gave 110%, we got several Q’s throughout the weekend and Dasher got his semi-final bye in Performance Grand Prix.  That made the the 7 hour drive worthwhile!

The following weekend the boys and I spent an amazing 2 days at Kinetic Dog’s summer camp.  This is our 3rd year at camp and as usual, I took away lots of great training tips.  On Sunday of the same weekend we attended our first UKI agility trial.  Unfortunately we had to miss our last day of camp in order to attend this trial.  I wanted to attend the trial in order to earn byes to UKI’s US Open which will be held in CA in November.  If Zip and I attend the US Open we can earn points toward our qualification for the 2013 WAO US Team.

The trial went well, it was held inside on mats.  I was a bit hesitant to run the dogs on mats, not my most favorite surface, but the boys handled it well and the footing wasn’t terrible.  Zip did great and earned one of the two possible byes.  He would have earned both, but he slipped on dropped a rail in our first class.  Dasher and Zorro did great as well.  Dasher was a little on the wild side as the ring size was a bit on the small size.   He does not seem to handle constraints well 🙂  Zorro was my little steady eddie all day.  Unfortunately I have no video of our first UKI trial as the entry was teeny tiny so Jeannette and I were running back to back and unable to tape each other.

We had a bit of a break until our next trial.  The second week of August, after much hype from fellow competitors, the boys and I made the pilgrimage to Latrobe, PA where a brand new facility was built just for dog events.  Latrobe is about a five hour drive from us and is apparently the home of Rolling Rock beer.  The drive was not too terrible and I can honestly say it was worth it.  The site is ideal.  Tons of space to walk the dogs, a nice rambling creek and a beautiful facility with excellent footing and air conditioning.  Who could ask for more! Another plus is the host hotel is the most dog friendly I have EVER visited.  The Inn at Mountain View in Greensburg, PA is a dog lover’s dream.  The rooms are super nice, staff is friendly, they serve a full breakfast and they even have a fenced in dog walking area off the third floor so you don’t need to walk all the way down to the first floor to walk the pups.

The trial in Latrobe went well.  Dasher and Zip ran great.  Zorro did great as well, but I entered him in more classes than I normally do and by the end of the weekend I was dragging him around the course.  I think from now on I will limit his runs to keep him motivated.  All in all a fun weekend, I think the boys and I will definitely come back to Latrobe!  Here are a couple of runs from the weekend:

Dasher’s snooker run:

Zippy’s gambler’s run:

Zorro’s standard run: