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Month: January 2012

Jan 2012 RDW training

Jan 2012 RDW training

We have been blessed with unseasonable warm weather for January. I had to take advantage of the amazing weather with some RDW training. This is the second time Zip and Zorro have been on a full length dog walk. The dog walk is low, about 2 feet off the ground. Our first session took place inside and the DW ends were close to the wall so it was tough for the dogs to really run it. This is our first session when we are able to get a good approach and have plenty of room at the end. When I was editing this video I thought this session took place on Dec 31, 2011, but after looking at my calendar more closely I think this took place the first week on January.

Both dogs did great. As I was working with each dog I noticed that as I added more motion from me, i.e. running harder, swinging my arms, leaning forward they were more likely to miss the bottom. If they missed a couple of times in a row I went back and just worked the last half of the DW and tried to exaggerate my motion to try and proof it. I believe that when I am not getting the results that I want it is always best to remove some of the difficulty, in this case a fast approach on to the DW, and try and set the dogs up for success. I think Zippy ended his session nicely and I am pleased with how things are going with him. Zorro was doing great but then I made the mistake of adding a blind cross after the tunnel on the way to the DW. I think that added motion as too much too soon for him. You will see from the video he gets confused and starts offer me 2o2o at the end of the DW. Zorro is a fairly soft dog and does not want to be wrong and even though I didn’t say anything to him when he did not offer the correct behavior the lack of reward was enough to make him revert back to a familiar behavior. I did help him out a bit once to encourage him to go to the manners minder and then we just worked the last half of the DW. We ended the session on a positive note and he was once again running all the way through to the end.

Here is Zip’s session:

Here is Zorro’s session:

We have had a few more DW and A-frame sessions but I kept forgetting my camera so I don’t have any recent video. I do not have access to the low dog walk anymore so the boys have been on a full height DW a few times. They have been doing pretty well considering the jump from a low DW to a full height one. Unfortunately my leg has been giving me trouble so my physical therapist says no running for 3-4 weeks so I will have to stop the full obstacle performance for the time being. My plan is to concentrate on working the last half of both the DW and frame just to keep the dogs used to running the bottom. Hopefully when I am back to running again we can pick up where we left off.