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Month: August 2011

Awesome summer!!!

Awesome summer!!!

I have been a real slacker and have not updated my blog in quite some time. The boys and I have been trying to stay cool during what is turning out to be a very hot summer. We have managed to ease our way out of our nice air conditioned house and do some trialing.

In early July we made our annual trip up to Downingtown, PA for the JRTCA Liberty Bell Classic show. It turned out to be a pretty warm weekend but there are plenty of huge shade trees at the site so the dogs and humans were able to stay cool between runs. All three boys ran great. Dasher was a bit over the top in the first class and lost his footing while going over the A-frame which caused him to somersault over the top. The crazy thing is he landed on his feet on the frame facing the opposite direction!! This boy loves to give me a heart attack every once in a while, keeps me on my toes. Dasher’s gymnastic moves did not faze him one bit and he was raring to go as soon as his feet hit the ground again. Zip put in great runs all weekend as did Zorro. So great in fact, on Saturday Zip and Zorro were named Champion and Reserve Agility Champions!! I was so proud of them!! Last year Dasher earned the Championship title and was able to take home the perpetual trophy and get his name engraved on it. Looks like it will be staying in the family another year and will be sporting Zip’s name too!!

After the Liberty Bell show we took a break from showing for a few weeks. Dasher, Zip and I did spend a few days at the end of July attending Kinetic Dog’s agility camp. This was our 2nd year attending camp. Kinetic Dog puts on a great camp and as usual we learned a ton and came home with lots of homework!!

After camp, we headed back up to PA to the Mountain Freaks USDAA trial. The facility is great, the trial is held in an indoor air conditioned soccer arena. Did I mention the air conditioning?! So nice to be able to show under such wonderful conditions. I had a few goals coming into this trial, Zorro still needed one Masters Standard leg to finish his Performance Agility Dog Championship and I wanted to give Dasher and Zip a good warm up before the North Central Regional in Chicago the following week. I entered Dasher in Championship classes and in hindsight I should have entered him in Performance as this is what we would be jumping at the regional next week. All the boys did great. Unfortunately Zorro did not get his last needed leg as I over rotated my shoulders after a front course and sent him into the off-course tunnel. BUMMER!! Zip earned 1st places in all his classes except for pairs where he earned a 2nd place. What a rockstar!! Zorro earned a 1st in Snooker, 2nd in Jumpers and a Q in pairs. Dasher earned a 3rd in pairs and had some nice runs but had rails.

After getting home from Mountain Freaks, I had two days to do laundry, repack and make the trip to Chicago for the North Central Regional. This event was Zip and I’s last IFCS event. The points we earned here would hopefully keep us in contention for the IFCS USA World Team competition next year. I knew there would be a lot of of IFCS dogs at this event so we definitely had to have our game faces on going into this event. The 13 hour trip to Chicago was uneventful, and I was unexpectedly surprised when we reached the trial site to set up our stuff. The facility was unbelievable! Not only was it HUGE, enough to easily hold 3 large agility fields plus plenty of crating for competitors, but it was seriously air conditioned!! I actually had to wear a light jacket between runs!! The conditions could not have been more perfect. All I had to do was concentrate on running the best possible courses with my dogs.

We started the weekend with team jumpers. Zip was his usual perfect self and went clean and ended up 4th. Dasher was well over the top and decided to take a few extra jumps along with the ones that were required on course. I guess being cooped up in the car for 13 hours made him really want to stretch his legs! Zippy ran his heart out for me all weekend. I was so proud of him, he truly gave me 150% At the end of the weekend he came home with the most points out of the 12″ IFCS dogs. What an amazing little dog!! I feel so lucky every time I step up to the line with him as I know he will take me on an amazing ride every time! Zip also ended up 1st place 12″ dog in the team competition and our team came in 2nd place overall, earning a silver medal.

Dasher settled down a bit throughout the weekend and put in some great runs, wining the performance IHC Jumpers class and his team ended up in 6th place overall. Throughout all the tournament classes I had entered Zorro in the few titling classes that were offered. There was one Masters Standard class being offered all weekend, so we had only only chance to get that last needed leg. I had just finished running Grand Prix finals with Zip and they were calling Zorro in the other ring. We literally had no warm up and I quickly went over the course in my head as I stepped into the ring. Zorro put in a stellar performance and nailed it!! YAY!! Baby dog is officially a Performance Agility Dog Champion!! I was so proud of him!! Zorro received a beautiful ribbon to mark the occasion. Unfortunately there was so much going on I did not have a chance to have anyone tape this monumental run.

Sometime during the weekend my camera setting got messed up so many of Zip and Dasher’s runs did not come through. I can share a few memorable runs that did come through.

This is Zip’s team snooker run where he placed 1st. The run did not go as planned as the second red that Zip took was not the intended red and I really had to think on my feet. We did manage to get the number of points we planned to get in our original plan thank goodness!

Here is Zippy in Grand Prix finals, we placed 2nd.

Here is Dasher in team snooker. He dropped a rail in #6a in our opening so we missed out on those points and I let him get a bit wide on the way to the weaves after our 3rd red so we bobbled the weave entrance but we finished strong and ended up 8th.

So far the boys have had an amazing summer! It has been a mixture of relaxed down time with intense, awesome competition. Really looking forward to the rest of the summer having agility fun with the boys!!