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Month: December 2010

Team USA!!

Team USA!!

A lot has happened since my last entry. All three boys earned their 2011 DAM team qualifiers at the Kinetic Dog trial the weekend before Thanksgiving. All the dogs ran great. Zip got 1st place in all team classes, Dasher was entered in Performance for the first time, he also placed 1st in all but one class, he placed 2nd. Zorro did great, had a couple of refusals in some classes but was clean otherwise. Dasher’s team ended up 2nd, Zorro’s team was 5th and Zip’s team had some bobbles by teammates but we finished 13th with a Q!! It was great having the team qualifier finished for the year. Unfortunately, Dasher was a nut in Steeplechase so no Q for us and I mishandled both Zip and Dasher in Grand Prix so no Q’s in GP either.

After returning from Cynosport, Zip and I were asked to try out for the US Team for the upcoming World Agility Open Championships. This competition will take place in the UK in May 2011. I decided to give it a shot so we went through the application process which consisted of a written application, record of wins and placements at major events which were used for a point matrix system and running and taping international styles courses at home for the coaches. At the end of November the team was announced and Zip and I made the cut!! WoHoo!!! I am super excited to be a part of the team. It is such an honor to be chosen! The even better news is that my friend and instructor Jeannette also tried out for the team and she made it! We both get to travel to the UK together, what could be better!!

If anyone would like more information on the event please click here

Unfortunately, each competitor is responsible for their expenses so I will be coming up with some creative fund-raising to help with the costs of traveling to the UK. I will be updating the site with more information in case any family or friends would like to sponsor us! I did set up a cafe press store in case anyone would like to purchase “Zip-ware” 10% of purchases will go to our cause. Click here to view our store.

The boys and I are taking a break from showing until 2011. Even though I am not showing I still am as busy as ever!! I am also planning on trying out for the 2012 US Team for IFCS. This application process begins in Jan 2011. Team are ranked on placements in tournament classes as well as the newly introduced “International Handling” classes. Once a team files an “Intent to Compete form” points are accumulated at the next 3 major events we compete. The final event will be Cynosport where the winners will be decided. Our first major event will be the Central Piedmont Agility 4 star event in Jan. 2011. Zip and I will be sharpening our international skills on our break from showing!!