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Month: November 2010



This past weekend we were entered in our club’s AKC trial. Love doing this trial as it is so close to home plus I get to see many of my AKC friends that I typically don’t see at USDAA trials. The weather could not have been nicer!! Perfect fall weather, nice a cool yet sunny. What a change from last year!!

I feel like I am starting to sound like a broken record, but I have to say that the boys were once again superstars!! They all put in stellar runs all weekend. Zorro is becoming more confident and his speed is dramatically improving. So much so that a friend watching our Standard run on Saturday had to giggle when she saw Zorro take off to the straight tunnel leaving me in the dust and scrabbling to catch him!! No complaints here!! So happy to see that. It’s a great feeling to see him gain his confidence in the ring. Zorro earned a 1st place in JWW on Saturday and 1st place in Standard on Sunday. Here is Zorro’s run from Saturday, he missed his A-Frame contact but otherwise was fantastic.

Zippy could not put a paw wrong all weekend and earned QQ’s on both Saturday and Sunday!! WoHoo!! Unbelievable!! He earned 1st places in JWW on Saturday and Sunday and 2nd places in Standard only because Dasher got 1st place. Can’t really complain about that!! Dasher did great but had a bar in JWW on Saturday and Sunday I caused a refusal in JWW. I was sending him to a tunnel but stopped short and he turned back to me. He was a good boy for listening to me!!

Here are more runs from the weekend:

JRTCA Nationals 2010

JRTCA Nationals 2010

Halloween weekend the boys and I headed up to Gettysburg, PA for the JRTCA National Trial. We drove up with Jeannette and the van was packed with jacks! The weather was starting to become fall-like and when we arrived on Friday afternoon I was happy that I brought a warm jacket. The agility area was flat and grassy but smallish with flat rocks throughout the course. Certainly made for some creative handling!

Saturday we had Agility I and Agility II. Dasher had a great run and won the over 12″ class. Unfortunately, I sent Zip up the A-frame which was an off course. Zorro did great, he ran clean and ended up in 4th place. The next class was Agility II, Dasher and I were not in sync, I was late giving my cues and we had several off-courses, Zippy had a nice run but unfortunately dropped one bar. I think he dropped the bar because I was late getting in my rear cross. Zorro clocked right through the course, we missed a tough weave entry but that just cost us time so we were clean and ended up in 4th place.

We finished up agility by 1 p.m. so I decided to check out the vendors. There was a vendor who was doing portraits. I decided this was a great opportunity to get a picture of all three boys. The boys did great for their sitting and the picture came out great!!

Sunday we had Agility III and Jumpers. Dasher and Zip had great runs in Agility III. Dasher got a 1st place in the over 12″ division and Zip got 1st in the under 12″ division. Zorro also had a great run and ended up in 2nd place in the over 12″ division. In Jumpers all the dogs did well but both Dasher and Zip had a rail. There was also someone shooting a gun in the distance while we were running Jumpers. Zorro hates the sound of guns but he did great. He was a little worried through the run but he kept working and went clean! What a trooper!! At the end of the day they announced the High in Trial awards. Zorro ended up Reserve Champion in the over 12″ division!! WooHoo!! What a man!!! So proud of him!!!

We had a great weekend all around. It was a nice laid back trial. We had fun hanging out with our other terrier friends. I think the dogs also enjoyed being around all the other terriers as well!!