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Month: August 2010

Mountain Freaks Trial

Mountain Freaks Trial

Last weekend the boys and I headed to Hatfield, PA to the very first Mountain Freaks trial.  All the boys did great.  Zorro and I still need to work on his weaves and teeter, he is still slow on the teeter and loses focus in the weaves.  At home and in class he does great.  I think Zorro needs more confidence in the show ring on new equipment.  I need to find other places to go and train to get his confidence up.  Despite his needed work on the weaves and teeter Zorro and I managed to get a Q in PII Standard and his very first Super Q in PIII Snooker!! The #7 obstacle was the weaves and I was so proud of him when he nailed his entrance and stayed focused!! Here is the video of baby dog and his first Super Q!!

Dasher and I had some great runs throughout the weekend. Unfortunately a bobble here and there cost us some Q’s. I was so proud of Dasher for keeping his rails up. We only had 2 rails down all weekend and that was in the very first run of the weekend. On Sunday Dasher had an awesome Snooker run and ended up in 2nd place with a Super Q! So proud of him!! I remember back in the day when I would cringe at the thought of a Snooker course primarily made up of jumps. This weekend I pushed those negative thoughts out of my head and just ran Dasher with confidence. He is such a super dog and I just need to remember that. Here is Dasher’s Snooker run on Sunday:

Zippy was beyond Superstar status this weekend. Out of the 8 runs we had, Zippy Q’d in 6 and got five 1st places and one 2nd place and 2 Super Q’s. I was over the top. Little guy was just a Q’ing machine. Zippy and I have really been working as a team lately and it feels great. He is giving me 110% on every run and we are completely in sync. Here is Zip’s Saturday Snooker run:

I was a little disappointed in my handling in Gamblers on both days. Dasher and Zip did not get the Gamble on either day. That is very unusual for us. Clearly I need to work on gambles at home and sharpen our distance skills. After watching some of our runs I have some homework to do. I am late getting my cues to Zip which is causing him to make wide turns and running extra yardage. I also see myself slowing down when running Zorro which in turn makes him slower, I need to run more and babysit less. When running Dasher I need to make sure I maintain my criteria at the start line. I see him pushing me and I can’t let him rush me. Homework is a good thing. I love watching videos of my runs and being able to enjoy the successes we have had but also see where I can improve. All in all I was very please with the weekend, lots of good stuff to take home.