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Month: February 2010

2010 Starts with a Bang!!

2010 Starts with a Bang!!

Well after a much needed break from showing, the pups and I entered our first trial of 2010.  On Jan 23-24, we went up to Logan Township, NJ to the On Target Agility Club’s USDAA trial.  We had an amazing weekend!! On Saturday all three dogs were entered in 5 classes.  Dasher had the best day we have ever had.  He Q’d in 5 out of 5 runs!! WoHoo!!  Dasher won Gamblers, came in 2nd in Snooker and 3rd in Pairs.  He also earned his last needed Super Q for his Masters Snooker title.  After Saturday’s runs he is just one Standard Q away from his ADCh! Zip also had an amazing day.  He Q’d in 4 out of 5 runs.  One bobble in Snooker cost us the Super Q, we ended up 3rd with a Q.  Standard was the only class Zip did not Q, he popped out of the weaves, which was my fault, I stopped short and he just turned to look at me thinking he was wrong in getting in the weaves.  What a good dog!! Zip also came in 2nd in Gamblers and won Jumpers.  Zorro was entered in all 5 classes as well.  This was the most runs he had ever done so I wasn’t sure how he would do.  Zorro earned a Standard Q and his Starters Standard title, and got a 1st and Q in pairs.  Zorro and I paired up with Judy and Cricket from class, so we had a great time.  The show ended up running very late and the last class of the day was Starters Jumpers.  Zorro didn’t need the leg so I scratched him from Jumpers.  He was a bit slow in Gamblers and Snooker so we did not have enough points for a Q.

Here are some pictures from Saturday’s runs (click on the images to enlarge):

Sunday was a mixed bag.  The facility had tilled up the footing so it was significantly deeper and softer than Saturday, not ideal.  The first class was Standard.  Both Dasher and Zip had bobbles, Zip had the 1st rail down and then was not being very good with his contacts.  Dasher slid off the table and then flew off the teeter.  Zorro was a bit stressed in Standard, sniffing and running slow.  The next class was Gamblers.  Dasher and Zip had nice openings.  Zip ran first and really tried for the Gamble but I turned him a bit too tight after obstacle #2 in the gamble so that caused him to go back into the tunnel.  Dasher had 2 rails down in the opening but got the gamble and ended up in 1st place.  Yay!  Zorro was having a great gamble run, much more focused and running well.  It was then he decided to relieve himself in the ring!!  That has never happened to me before! Poor guy!  Our 3rd class was Snooker.  Dasher ran 1st and had the 1st rail down.  Unfortunately the rail came down late and he was over a color before it came down so game over for us!  Zip came into Snooker needing a super Q for his title.  Unfortunately the bobble with Dasher did not allow me to run our plan before running Zip so I came into Snooker cold turkey.  Well he did awesome!! He smoked the course and ended up in 1st place with a super Q!! WoHoo!! Now both Zip and Dasher only need one Standard Q apiece for their ADCh!!  Zorro had a great snooker run, I came up with a plan that would keep him running and motivated.  Well he was flying and did great.  He ended up with a 1st place and a Q!  Our last class was Jumpers.  Dasher and Zip had smokin’ runs.  Dasher had one rail down in a pinwheel, I got a bit too far ahead.  Zip was clean and ended up 1st.    Zorro also had a great Jumpers run, he was clean and got 2nd place.

Here is Dasher’s Gambler run on Sunday.

It was a great ride home for us! All the pups were tired but happy to be playing agility again.  I was ecstatic and could not have been prouder of the critters.  They were amazing!