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Month: October 2009

MAD Zip!!

MAD Zip!!

What a busy fall it has been!!! It feels like the dogs and I have been showing non-stop. After the Mid-Atlantic MADness trial, we headed down to Richmond, VA to the Central VA Agility Club’s USDAA trial (CVAC). They had double of all titling classes along with both Steeplechase and Grand Prix. The weekend started off very frustrating, Dasher kept knocking the first rail in each class. Finally, by class #3, I decided I would not continue if he dropped the first rail. Sure enough as we started the Standard course down comes the first rail. I asked Dasher to lie down and we left. I had never done that before and I think it made an impression. After standard we had the GP, lucky for us the first obstacle was the tire. Dasher rubbed the tire but was clean! Yay!! A first place and a Q in GP!! Zip did great as usual. He also won GP!! Yay!! Zippy also won Jumpers and Gamblers on Saturday. Steeplechase was a mixed bag, the broad jump was set incorrectly which caused Dasher to hit it. Luckily he was fast enough he got a Q. Zippy had two rails which is very unlike him. I set him up incorrectly to the first jump which caused the 1st rail. Unfortunately no Q for Zip in Steeplechase this weekend. Sunday was much improved. Dasher was making a great effort in keeping the bars up. He had one bar in standard, an otherwise beautiful run and he won gamblers and got a snooker Q. Zip also had a great standard run and was clean so that was Q #2 for us in standard. Both dogs made it to round # 2 in Steeplechase and ended up second, so we came home with some cash. I most pleased with the 2 GP wins!!

The following weekend we went to the USDAA Artful Dodgers trial in Millersville, MD. We had wonderful weather all weekend. Courses were a bear, very challenging. During the week Dasher and I have been working on jumping, doing some gymnastics work and trying to get him to improve his take off for the 1st jump. I saw a big improvement over the weekend. Dasher was really making an effort to keep the 1st bar up. I was most pleased in Snooker where I had a long lead out to the 1st red and he kept the bar up. Dasher was having a wonderful standard run until we got the the table and he took a bad step and rolled off. Luckily he was no worse for the wear and was fine. On Sunday, Dasher won Gamblers.

Little Zorro also made his USDAA debut this weekend at Artful. He was entered in 2 classes each day. On Saturday our first class was Gamblers. Zorro was fast but went around a few obstacles and was slow on the dogwalk. He did get the gamble but not enough opening points. He did great in Standard earning his first USDAA Q later in the day. Sunday was just as good, he earned another Stanard Q and a Jumpers Q. Way to go Zorro!! Here is Zorro’s Jumper’s run on Sunday:

Zip went into the Artful weekend needing only one standard Q for his MAD. I wasn’t sure it would happen as the courses were tough. Sunday’s standard course was very tricky. The big dogs ran first and tons of experienced dogs were not making it through. I put all that out of my mind as we stepped to the line. Little Zippy did great!! He handled that course like a pro!! He got all his contacts and nailed a difficult weave entrance. I was so proud of him!! Zip got a nice big MAD ribbon!! It was a great way to end the weekend.