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Month: August 2009

Dog days of summer

Dog days of summer

After the JRTCA show the boys have been enjoying the summer by not doing much of anything excepting hanging out in the A/C. We went to two indoor trials, the USDAA TAG trial and the Salisbury Kennel Club’s AKC trial. TAG was fun, had some challenging courses and both boys did great. Zippy won Jumpers and Dasher got a pairs Q. Unfortunately some bobbles in Standard cost us a Q so we are no closer to Dasher’s ADCh or Zip’s MAD as we were going into this trial but we still had a great time. For the AKC trial, I only entered Dasher and Zip as well as I wanted to give Zorro a bit more time to train before trialing again. Both boys did great. Out of a total of 12 runs over 3 days, we came home with 8 ribbons and Q’s, 6 first places and 2 second places. Zip got 2 legs in both Open JWW and Standard, so he only needs one more leg in each to move into Excellent. Dasher finished up his Excellent A JWW title on Friday and got one more Exc A Standard leg (only needs one more to move into Exc B). Dasher Q’d all 3 days in JWW so on Saturday and Sunday he started earning some MACh points!! The 12″ divsion was huge, a nice change from USDAA. There were 55 dogs in the 12″ class! Dasher picked up some nice points!!

Wanted to update with post with some videos I just got in.  Thanks to FotoJoe Photography for the videos.

Zip’s Open JWW and Open Standard runs

Dasher’s Exc A JWW and Exc A Standard runs