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Month: May 2008

Spring 2008 Update

Spring 2008 Update

Hi all,
Well we survived the winter, thank god!! Luckily I was able to get away to Mexico for a week in Feb, so it was nice to hit the sun and beach for a bit. My parents bought a place outside Puerto Vallarta and this was my first time out to see it. Here is a picture:

Unfortunately we lost our Lille girl this spring. Her health was deteriorating and I think she was ready to go. Even with the day to day chaos our house still seems a bit quiet without her.

The boys and I have been busy trialing most of the spring. We have been having a great time. Dasher finally got his lat Advanced standard leg so now he is in all Masters classes. He also has qualified for the USDAA Nationals in AZ in the fall. We are hoping to get Q’s in a couple more classes for AZ, but if it doesn’t happen thats ok too. We go to regionals in a couple of weeks so that should be a great time. Here is a great picture Nicole Fischer took of Dasher at the Hog Dog trial last month.

Zip started showing and he has been doing awesome. After just a few shows he has moved into Masters Jumpers!! Last weekend was the first time I entered him in all classes and he did great. Here is little Zippy in his first Jumpers class. Again, Nicole Fisher photography:

Another bit of news…we have yet another Jack!! Yup call us crazy, obviously we didn’t think our house was crazy enough!! The new kid on the block’s name is Zorro. He is a half brother to Dasher. He is a trip and a half!! Certainly keeps Brandon and I on our toes!!

Here is a picture of the entire crew: