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Author: Ivette

I live in the North East region of the U.S. I am married and have 3 JRTS. I have competed in dog agility for about 12 years. I created this blog as a personal journal to document our journey.
Dream Big!!

Dream Big!!

Well once again it has been too long since I last made a blog post. Right after our last post Roxy and I were getting ready to head to IFCS World Team try outs in Tennessee. Our goals for try outs was to focus on Roxy’s confidence and overall mental wellness. I knew Roxy had the skills, I just needed to figure out how to get her best self in the competition ring. I knew if gave it our best we would have a good shot at making the team. Well my little poodle girl exceeded my expectations at try outs. She ran her heart out and I managed to give her what she needed. We ended the weekend as overall 1st place 12″ dog and winning a spot onto the 2019 IFCS Team USA! I was beyond over the moon proud of what we had accomplished. We have had a long journey to get to this point and I know our journey is far from over but we were not afraid to dream big!

Here is one of our runs from try outs:

Summer of poodle fun!!

Summer of poodle fun!!

Well apparently these blog posts are turning into annual posts.  I am a total slacker.  But on the bright side, the pups and I have been so busy having all kinds of fun I simply have no time to post on a regular basis 🙂

Obviously lots has been happening over the last year.  Cynosport 2017 in Tennessee last fall was a blast.  We are already gearing up for Cynosport 2018 in Arizona in a couple of months.   We attended the USDAA Southwest Regional in May and Roxy earned both her semi-final byes in Grand Prix and Steeplechase in one weekend, what a rockstar!! Roxy and I are also on the road to qualify for our very first AKC nationals!

I have been doing agility for close to 20 years and never tried to qualify for AKC Nationals. My primary focus has always been USDAA and WAO.  In 2017 we started moving through the ranks in AKC.  By March 2018 we were fully competing in the Masters level and were able to start earning qualifiers for AKC Nationals.  By today’s blog post we just need a few more points and we will be fully qualified.  While I really love attending the big events, my main focus this past year with Roxy has been increasing her confidence in the ring.  I see how much joy she has in every aspect of her life so I knew she just needed the confidence to show that joy in the ring.  If the qualifiers happened and we made it to the big events that was just icing on the cake.

Well not only have we qualified for USDAA Nationals (Cynosport) and earned finals byes to the US Open (UKI) and are 99% qualified for AKC Nationals, this little amazing girl managed to make it to USDAA’s top ten in the country for 2 classes!!   This little poodle is all heart!

Later this week we head off to TN for IFCS World Team tryouts.  I love the event and also love supporting IFCS.  We will run our hearts out and have a great time no matter what the outcome.  The journey Roxy and I have been on has taught me to not focus on the destination but to “enjoy the ride.”  While I have probably been saying this for years with my previous dogs, I think only now I am truly believing and practicing this motto.  I can’t really explain what is different but I just know stepping to the line with Roxy “feels” different.  I think I am feeling more centered, more in the moment than I ever have before.  I have always felt joy stepping to the line with all my dogs but I think Roxy has taught me its ok to have goals without having expectations.  It think for me anyway, expectations always brought with it some level of stress that I feel slipping away with every run.  Once again I am humbled with what our dogs teach us if we are willing to listen.

Here are a few of our runs from this summer.  I thought the song was ridiculously appropriate, enjoy!!