2019 IFCS Team Tryouts

2019 IFCS Team Tryouts

My pack and I have had a light summer. Sticking close to home, hiking, playing, and maybe a little training squeezed in here and there. As fall approached Roxy and I started to focus on the upcoming IFCS World Team tryouts in Tyler, TX at the end of September.

I had my homework that I took away from the IFCS World Championships in April. I wanted to improve our dogwalk performance and also improve our weave pole skills, particularly tough entrances into the poles. Throughout the summer I started Roxy’s running dog walk behavior from scratch. I got some help from friends and audited an online class with Katarina Podlipnik. I really liked her method and the way she broke things down. Her method came highly recommended by friends I admired and trusted so I gave it a shot. Can’t say I was disappointed. 🙂 I feel that both Roxy and I are getting a much more solid dogwalk behavior. I also worked on getting our weave pole entrances much more solid. I broke things down and slowly added degrees of difficulty in order to keep Roxy’s confidence level high.

As we headed off to Texas this past week I hoped our training would be paying off. I always tend to doubt myself a bit right before big events….could I have done more? What new challenges could we see that I haven’t thought of? By the time I arrive at the event I push any doubts aside as best as I can and repeat my mantra of “trust my training and trust my dog”.

We arrived in Texas on Thursday and man was it hot!! Luckily the facility is under cover but unluckily not climate controlled. I knew that keeping Roxy cool and rested would be my top priority. We acclimated to the site on Thursday afternoon and settled into our cozy Air BnB.

The courses all weekend had their fair share of challenges. I felt each course had weave pole entrances that played to our weakness. I hoped our training would pay off. The pool of 12″ dogs was small but these dogs came to play. They were a talented group that rarely made mistakes. I knew I could not afford errors like dogwalk and weave poles faults.

I am happy to report that Roxy stepped up to all the challenges like the true Rockstar that she is! This little dog gave me her heart and soul on each run. She continues to astound me. How does such a little body contain such a big heart? With my friends reminding me to trust my dog and my training we did not miss one weave pole entrance and only had one dogwalk fault all weekend! We ended the first day of competition in 1st place for 12″ dogs for IFCS team selection points and held on to that lead all weekend! We ended tryouts as top 12″ dog earning one of two coveted win-on spots for our height. We will be heading to Belgium in May 2020 as part of the USA team. I was truly blown away. I know I keep saying it but it is worth repeating, Roxy is all heart. Just love my tiny little powerhouse.

It goes without saying I have my training notes that I took away from this event that we will be working on in preparation for Belgium!!

Here is a little montage of our weekend, enjoy!



A few weeks ago Roxy and I headed across the pond to Hellendoorn, Netherlands for the 2019 IFCS World Agility Championships! I was so excited and honored to once again represent the United States at this amazing competition. The event did not disappoint! The courses were amazing and a blast to run. It was great seeing old friends from other countries. I love this one ring international event as you can watch all the amazing teams. Our own team USA put in some amazing runs and had several podium appearances!!

I could not have been prouder of my little peanut. These international events are crowded, loud and high energy. Roxy and I had some really great parts to every run. Her demeanor matched the energy of the event. She was focused, pumped and ready to go each time we stepped to the line. This was such a major milestone in our training and this behavior alone was enough to make me so proud of her. I managed to handle her well in most areas and gave her the information she needed in a timely manner. We struggled a bit with our weave pole entrances however. Roxy is very sensitive to my energy and I think she was reading my lack of faith and not trusting her and over managing her poles. By the end of the weekend I let go of that energy and she nailed her weave pole entry no issues! Lesson learned!! That being said, my take away homework from the event is to practice challenging weave pole entries and improve our dog walk performance.

We hope we have the opportunity for future world team performances. We sure enjoyed this one!! Here is a collection of our 1st International World Team adventure!